Get Adventurous on Snowy Mountains

Snow hikes are always challenging and they involve a lot of physical preparation and acknowledgment of the place you are going to, having the right gear and following the safety rules are the key to have an amazing trip to the cold mountain. Salento Hikers have been walking through those mountains for years and we have a team of the best hikers who will safely take you to the most beautiful spots. Let our team to be part of such a great experience.

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Best Seasons:All Year Round
Popular Location:Nevado del Tolima & Paramillo del Quindío

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    Tolima Glacier

    4 Days

    Enjoy this unique experience! Watching the sunrise from 5215 meters above sea level, contemplating the amazing views from the top of the imposing Nevado del Tolima, Recharge your lungs and free your mind with this life experience in Los Nevados…

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