Tolima Snow Edge

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It is time to challenge yourself with this 3 days adventure, reaching 4850 meters to enjoy the majestic view from the Tolima snow edge. This is a perfect spot to get the best pictures of the trip.

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    All about the Tolima Snow Edge.

    The nevado del Tolima is an active volcano located in the Nevados national park.

    Starting from Cocora valley at 2200 mts we get ourselves prepare to reach 4850 meters to the Tolima snow edge, during this adventure we will have the opportunity to hike through the cloud forest, acaime natural reserve, waterfalls, paramo romerales, laguna del encanto and valle del placer, also we might have the opportunity to see the huge Nevado del Ruiz and the Paramillo del Quindio.

    Prices in USD

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    $ 340 $ 414 $ 503 $ 577

    *Important: Two guides are required for groups of five or more participants.

    Data & Altitudes

    • Distance: 52 kms
    • Higher Altitude Reached: 4.850 meters
    • Salento: 1.950 meters
    • Cocora: 2.200 meters
    • Acaime: 2.400 meters
    • Romerales: 3.700 meters

    What will we See?

    At the arrival in Cocora we will find ourselves surrounded by a beautiful landscape of mountains, wax palms, milk farms a Horse stables.
    A bit further we will blow our minds away with the amazing Bosque de Niebla (cloud forest) where a wide variety of fauna and flora is found. Plants such as Siete Cueros, Yarumos, Helecho Gigante (Giant Fern) can be found. Heads up! Ferrets are usually around this forest. Then we will proceed through Five hanging bridges made of wood that will lead us to our next destination “Acaime” the house of the Hummingbirds.

    A bit up we will find a wide variety of unique flora which can only be seen in the paramos, after a good walk you will be rewarded with the stunning view and the pure air of the mountains.
    Plants such as Frailejones (Espeletia), Piñuela, briofitos (Bryophyte) can be seen.

    The Fauna we might be able to appreciate is very special too, animals as Leon de montaña (mountain lion), eagles, Parrots, rabbits, hummingbirds, and the spectacled bear could be seen.

    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
    What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.


    • Salento – Cocora
    • Cocora – Salento


    • Accommodation for all nights during the trip (Camping or farmhouse rooms).


    • Hot drinks
    • 3 breakfasts in farmhouses
    • 3 lunches on the go
    • 2 dinners in farmhouses
    • Snacks & water


    • Insurance
    • Guidance
    • All entry fees to farmhouses
    • Camping equipment if required.
    What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.


    • Jackets, trekking shoes or any personal equipment required.
    • International or Domestic flights
    1. Day 1 18 kms

      6:15 am
      We meet at Salento square to catch the private transport to Cocora

      6:45 am
      We start our hike through the Cocora valley to the natural reserve Acaime

      9:30 am
      Typical breakfast at Acaime

      10:00 am
      After a nice breakfast we leave Acaime to Estrella de agua

      12:00 am
      Quick snack at Estrella de agua

      12:15 pm
      We start the walk to Paramo Romerales

      2:00 pm
      Lunch at Paramo Romerales or Alto de la virgen which has a great view!

      2:30 pm
      We walk to Finca la Primavera

      3:30 pm
      Arrive to finca la Primavera, we take a quick break

      3:40 pm
      We walk to finca la playa

      4:20 pm
      Arrive to Finca la playa where we stay.

      6:30 pm
      Dinner at finca la playa

    2. Day 2 14 kms

      7:30 am
      Breakfast at finca la Playa

      8:00 am
      Walk to finca Japon

      8:30 am
      Arrive to Finca Japon

      8:35 am
      Walk to valle del placer

      9:40 am
      Arrive to valle del placer

      10:40 am
      Arrive to el calvito

      10:45 am
      Walk to Arenales

      11:45 pm
      Arrive to Arenales

      11:50 pm
      Walk to Helipuerto

      12:30 pm
      Lunch at Helipuerto

      1:00 pm
      Walk to Tolima Snow Edge

      1:30 pm
      Arrive to Tolima Snow Edge

      2:00 pm
      Start to descend to Laguna del Encanto

      3:30 pm
      Arrive to Laguna Del Encanto

      5:30 pm
      Arrive to finca la playa

      6:30 pm
      Dinner at Finca La playa

    3. Day 3 20 kms

      7:30 am
      Breakfast at finca la Playa

      8:00 am
      Walk to finca Buenos Aires

      10:30 am
      Hot drink at finca Buenos Aires

      10:40 am
      Walk to Finca La Argentina

      11:40 am
      We leave finca la Argentina to Cocora

      1:30 pm
      Lunch on the way

      4:30 pm
      Arrive to Cocora

      5:00 pm
      Catch the transport back to Salento

      5:30 pm
      We will finish our adventure back safe in Salento

    All farm rooms have shared bathroom facilities.

    Farm houses rooms can have up to 10 people in bunk style beds, usually on each bed up to 2 people could sleep together if desired otherwise you will have your own bed. 

    For high mountain Hiking:

    As the track might be wet and muddy Waterproof boots are highly recommended, Walking gaiters are also very handy during the trip, walking socks.

    For Village Walks:

    Runners or any light footwear is recommended.

    Upper body:

    • You will need a windproof, breakable jacket and a medium jacket full of down or synthetic fill is recommended.
    • Pants should be waterproof or any material which dries easily.
    • Thermal clothes are highly recommended especially at night time.

    For your hands:
    Try wearing lightweight or midweight fleece gloves under waterproof shell mittens or shell gloves. It’s also a good idea to bring an extra pair of fleece gloves that you keep stowed in your pack in case the ones you’re wearing get wet.

    Salento Hikers provides insurance for all activities however we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take out your own medical/travel insurance to cover your walk and any circumstances in which you may not be able to walk.

    To enjoy your walk you should be able to carry a medium sized backpack for 5 to 7 hours over 10-21km of mountain track each day. To maximise your enjoyment we encourage you to set your own pace while walking the track. The track surface varies from smooth well-formed paths to rough terrain broken up by rocks and tree roots and we recommend you wear hiking boots, which provide firm ankle support. If you are not a regular walker, we suggest you begin a daily walk regime 6-8 weeks before your departure. Some practice carrying a pack and hill/staircase walking during this time will make you even better prepared for your walk.

    The unpredictable nature of the weather in this region means that high winds and
    rain can occur at any time of the year. It is therefore very important to be prepared for the worst weather conditions, and carry the appropriate clothing at all times.

    Farm houses rooms can sleep up to 10 people in bunk style beds, usually on each bed up to 2 people could sleep together if desired otherwise you will have your own bed. All farm rooms have shared bathroom facilities.

    No problem. It is a great opportunity to walk with like-minded individuals from around the world. Please note however that we cannot always guarantee same sex farm rooms.

    Please advise us of any specific dietary requirements when you make your booking. We will endeavor to cater for them, however please remember we operate in an extremely isolated and challenging environment.

    No, only the farmhouses have toilet facilities.

    We take full payment at time of booking.

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